What to Expect

Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA)
    The FBA helps to hypothesize the underlying need for new learning. This is based on principles of person-centered thinking and positive behavioral support. This Assessment helps to guide recommendations for the development of the behavior support plan (BSP).

Comprehensive behavioral support plan (BSP) and subsequent revisions
    The BSP is a way to devise proactive and reactive strategies designed to support each unique individual. Each BSP must be approved by a human rights committee (HRC), is time-limited, and is regularly reviewed for elimination or reduction of restrictive techniques to ensure appropriate reduction in these interventions over time.

Supports the individual in learning new, positive behaviors
    This includes implementation of coping strategies, improving interpersonal relationships, or other positive strategies to reduce targeted behaviors and increase quality of life.

Training staff, family members, housemates, or other internal support team members on the implementation of the behavioral support plan

Consulting with team members to achieve the outcomes of assessment and behavioral support planning